Upholstery Cleaning

Quality upholstery services across Melville, Suffolk. Green cleaning products, sofas, ottomans, chairs, mattresses. Professional service, affordable prices.

Breathe New Life into Your Furniture

Your upholstery is something you use on a daily basis, whether in your home or office and, just like everything else around you, it needs proper, regular cleaning. Because it takes the brunt of daily wear and tear, and even more abuse if you have children and pets, inevitably it is going to accumulate dirt, stains, dust and grime. As the weeks turn into months, it will start to look tired, shabby and neglected. And even when the dirt and dust are not entirely visible, that does not mean they are not lurking in the fibers.
Here at ABC Rug Cleaning NYC, we offer high-quality professional upholstery cleaning services across all Melville and Suffolk County for when your furniture looks dirty but a simple vacuuming or running a wet cloth with some soap across it will not suffice. Whatever your upholstery’s material - nylon, cotton, corduroy, or polyester - our methods will eradicate stains, spots and spills, leaving your armchair, sofa or loveseat looking incredibly clean and smelling incredibly fresh. Rest assured that our deep and thorough cleaning techniques mean within a couple of hours the material will be dry and clean.

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